Notable Projects

DVC has both the knowledge and experience to deliver a wide range of traffic engineering and transport planning consultancy services. It is this knowledge, combined with a flexible approach and thorough understanding of our clients’ needs that enables DVC to deliver successful outcomes on both major and ancillary projects.

We encourage you to browse through the following examples of our recently completed work to gain an appreciation of our capabilities.

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NB: All photos have been taken by DVC unless noted otherwise.


Transport Planning & Traffic Management

Lakey St Development Gosnells – December 2007 to March 2012

Share zone plan to promote a safe environment for residents
  • DVC has provided traffic and Transport advice for this development proposal over several years as the design has evolved
  • Innovative share zone areas are included in the design using patterned shared areas rather than conventional speed humps and bollards
  • Preliminary design of a roundabout on Holmes St and Harpenden St was undertaken and approved by Council so that the land requirements could be understood and set aside
  • A TIA report was produced and accepted by Council
  • A refuse management plan was also devised to the satisfaction of the refuse department including bin pad locations where needed
  • Two independent Rd safety audit reports were undertaken during the project to ensure a safe design was accomplished

Transport Planning & Traffic Management

Anthea St Hazelmere Structure Plan - May 2012

Draft Structure Plan Area
Source: Statewest Planning
  • DVC prepared a Transport Statement that considered the internal and external transport networks of the proposed Structure Plan of a large land bank located within the City of Swan in the suburb of Hazelmere
  • The proposed development incorporates a plan for some 180 residential lots and a reserve for recreation
  • DVC’s analysis illustrated that the proposal was consistent with the guidelines set out in Liveable Neighbourhoods (WAPC 2009) and therefore was supportive of the proposal from a traffic perspective

Transport Planning & Traffic Management

Murtin Rd Traffic Calming Assessment Dalyellup – February 2012

Traffic Calming Issues at Murtin Rd
  • DVC was commissioned to undertake a review of the traffic calming devices installed along Murtin Rd, Dalyellup
  • There were two main issues with the existing calming measures that made them ineffective:
    • They were too widely spaced, enabling drivers to travel at excess speeds along several sections of the road, and
    • There were issues with drivers avoiding the devices by either mounting the footpath or driving between the elements
  • DVC recommended a range of cost effective solutions to remedy both issues with the use of a median island, installation of several posts and signposts and an additional set of modified speed cushions

Strategic Transport Studies

Tuart Brook Structure Plan Transport Impact Assessment – September 2012

Tuart Brook Structure Plan Area
Source: MPM
  • As part of the proposed development of Tuart Brook, DVC undertook a TIA to provide the City of Bunbury with the analysis necessary to fully consider the likely traffic requirements of the project
  • The development included residential lots of various densities, a local centre, a primary school, aged persons accommodation and regional and public open space
  • DVC’s analysis was supportive of the structure plan and provided advise on the provision of path links to enable greater access to public transport, signalisation requirements, and the suitability of the motor vehicle, cycling and pedestrian facilities within the vicinity of the site

Strategic Transport Studies

Victoria Park Town Centre Structure Plan – December 2011

Victora Park Town centre ready for major changes
  • DVC was commissioned by the Town of Victoria Park to prepare a Transport Review of the proposed Victoria Park Town Centre Local Structure Plan
  • The Review included in-depth analysis of the structure plan outline, both the internal and external transport networks of the town centre and it’s integration with the surrounding area
  • Additional modelling was undertaken to assess the sensitivity of key intersections and car park access. The implications of light rail services were also considered

Strategic Transport Studies

Jurien Bay Town Centre Strategy Plan – June 2011

Jurien Bay 'Supertown' set for major growth
  • The Shire of Dandaragan’s Town Centre Strategy Plan includes residential, tourist and commercial precincts. As part of a multi-disciplinary team, DVC was commissioned to review and improve a number of traffic related issues including the:
    • Current movement network
    • Operation of intersections
    • Effectiveness of traffic calming treatments
    • Extent of pedestrian/cyclist facilities
    • Adequacy of parking facilities
  • The strategy has been adopted and now guides future investment for the town centre which now enjoys ‘Supertown’ status

Transport Impact Assessments

Lot Development within Wedgefield Industrial Estate Port Hedland – June 2012

Wedgefield Industrial Estate, Port Hedland
Source: Landcorp
  • DVC was commissioned to prepare a TIA for a development within the multi-purpose industrial estate servicing the rapid development of Port Hedland
  • Road Site access and internal circulation issues were resolved and staff parking segregated from large truck manoeuvring forecourts
  • Through our analysis, DVC was able to support this project and ensure that the proposed development had the necessary traffic and transport infrastructure in place

Transport Impact Assessments

Expansion of the Water Corporation’s Balcatta Office Balcatta – June 2012

Water Corporation Works Underway (June 2012)
Source: Nearmap
  • DVC was commissioned to prepare a TIA to accompany the proposed construction and refurbishment of the Water Corporation’s Balcatta facilities
  • With the use of Autotrack software and leveraging off existing traffic databases DVC was able to demonstrate that the proposed developments satisfy the requirements of the City’s policies and Australian Standards
  • DVC’s report assisted in gaining the endorsement of the City of Stirling

Transport Impact Assessments

Expansion of Waikiki Village Shopping Centre Rockingham TIS – February 2012

Waikiki Retail Expansion ready to go
  • DVC was commissioned to prepare a TIA to address any traffic concerns relating to the significant expansion of the Waikiki Village shopping centre
  • By utilising Road published traffic generation rates and our own in-house expertise we were able to provide credible and detailed forecasts of the increased traffic flows as a result of the expansion
  • Our report addressed each of the public submissions that arose during the advertising period, resulting in a number of recommendations to improve the overall safety and functionality of the project

Public Transport Projects

Data Collection Canning Bridge – June 2010

Interviewing and counting bus passengers on Canning Bridge
  • DVC was commissioned to conduct a 16-hour pedestrian movement survey at the Canning Bridge Interchange
  • DVC recruited and led a survey team of 16 people to record pedestrian and cyclist movements in 15 minute blocks, whilst other team members conducted approximately 1200 interviews to gain more detailed insight into the behaviours and demographics of passengers
  • In addition, video recordings were set up to enable further review of the data
  • DVC compiled the information in an easy-to-use format in excel to enable the client to synthesize the data for modelling purposes

Public Transport Projects

Stirling Station Car Park Expansion – January 2009

This Access to the Park and Ride Car Park has been fully revised
  • DVC developed several options for expanding the car park capacity for Stirling Rail Station on the Joondalup line
  • Options included additional parking either north or south of Cedric St and a range of intersection designs
  • Detailed traffic count survey were undertaken and formal Rd safety audit conducted on the access layout current at that time
  • The preferred option is in the final stages of construction, incorporating a new, signalised access to both the original parking area south of Cedric St and the expanded parking provision on the north side of the Road. A key issues was to avoid any queuing impact on the operation of the Mitchell Fwy ramps

Pedestrian & Cycle Network Planning

Derby and Fitzroy Crossing Local Bicycle Plan – June 2012

Children cycling in Derby
  • DVC was commissioned to develop local bike plans for the town sites of Derby and Fitzroy Crossing
  • The purpose of the plans was to investigate and report on the existing cycling facilities and the requirement for upgrade or expansion of the facilities within the town sites with the overarching objective of increasing both the number of people who cycle and the frequency at which they do so
  • DVC identified numerous initiatives and strategies to improve the safety, accessibility and convenience of the cycling amenities at the town sites

Pedestrian & Cycle Network Planning

Shire of Northam Local Bicycle Plan – May 2012

More bikes expected in Northam as Supertown commissions its first ever bike plan
  • DVC was commissioned to prepare the Shire of Northam’s first ever bicycle plan. A comprehensive plan was produced to guide the allocation of several million dollars worth of funding to improve the cycling facilities throughout the Shire
  • The plan sets out five stages for establishing a bike path network compatible with Northam’s status as a ‘Supertown’. It culminated in a proposal that was both tailored to Northam’s growing populace and consistent with the guidelines set out by the Department of Transport
  • DVC was able to draw upon its substantial experience in this area and identified six key initiatives to shape the overall success of this project

Parking Strategies & Solutions

City of Stirling Parking Surveys – October 2011

Parking Demand is high in many parts of Stirling
  • DVC was commissioned to conduct car parking surveys at a number of key locations throughout the City of Stirling with the purpose of providing it with current and accurate information on the usage of its parking facilities
  • DVC undertook surveys at 8 key locations within the City over a two week period, garnering information on car parking capacities, occupancies, instances of parking activity in undesignated areas and the origin and destination of people parking within the survey areas
  • The information collected was used to identify opportunities to increase the supply of parking bays and to better manage existing parking facilities in support of business, retail and community activity, whilst protecting the needs of local residents

Parking Strategies & Solutions

Northam Town Centre Car Parking Strategy – March 2011

Fitzgerald St, Northam Town Centre
  • On behalf of the Shire of Northam, DVC was commissioned to develop a car parking strategy framework for Northam Town Centre
  • The framework considered parking supply and management for a wide range of road vehicles including private vehicles, buses, taxis, delivery and service vehicles
  • Northam has been granted ‘Supertown’ status and the adoption of this parking strategy has enabled the town to contemplate expansion with confidence in terms of town centre parking provision

Expert Witness Testimony

Bloo Moons Pty Ltd v Town of Port Hedland The Esplanade Hotel SAT Mediation (DR 78 & 79 of 2012) – May 2012

Esplanade Hotel
Source: Esplanade Hotel Website
  • DVC was commissioned to provide an independent review and response to a number of queries raised in the State Administrative Tribunal Mediation between Bloo Moons and the Town of Port Hedland
  • As part of DVC’s engagement, DVC reviewed several relevant parking documents and assisted in establishing the appropriate parking requirements for the hotel. We also provided constructive comment on improvements to the on and off site parking layouts
  • The meditation sessions successfully resolved the initial objections to the proposal and avoided the need for a full hearing

Expert Witness Testimony

Wesbrel v City of Nedlands Rd SAT Case (DR 179 of 2011) – November 2011

Existing Childcare Centre leaves no room for a second facility
  • DVC provided expert witness testimony in relation to the proposed Development Application for the Childcare Centre on Brookdale Rd, Floreat. The City opposed the development on traffic and amenity grounds
  • By undertaking a detailed survey of an existing facility in close proximity of the proposed site, and extrapolating the likely parking demand scenario, DVC was able to provide evidence that demonstrated the inadequacy of the parking provision of the proposed site
  • SAT upheld councils decision to refuse the application

Roadworks, Events & Mine Sites

City of Armadale Roadwork TMP Reviews – November 2011

Armadale Roadworks in operation
  • DVC was appointed to review several TMPs for proposed roadworks at major intersections within the City of Armadale
  • The roadworks encompassed the reshaping of traffic islands and the upgrading of laneways and required lane closures and detours to be put in place
  • DVC worked in conjunction with other project participants in order to minimise the disruption to road users whilst ensuring a safe environment for both the road users and workers on site
  • In addition, DVC was able to amend a number of the TMP’s to reduce the total implementation costs of the projects

Roadworks, Events & Mine Sites

Solomon Mine Airstrip Construction Pilbara – September 2011

Solomon Mine Site
  • DVC was commissioned to devise Traffic Management Plan for the construction of an access road into Solomon Mine airstrip with the purposes of gaining Shire of Ashburton approval for the plan
  • Our plan enabled our client to demonstrate that public vehicles will be able to continue to use Hamersley Road in both directions during the construction phase of the airstrip
  • Both plans were approved by Main Roads WA and the Shire of Ashburton
  • The works were safely carried out without incident

Roadworks, Events & Mine Sites

Hyper-Fest Event Midland Gate Shopping Centre City of Swan – August 2008

Hyper Festival Venue and posters
Source: Google Earth & Hyper Festival Promotional material
  • Held annually, the Hyper-Fest is a music and multi media event for young people that attracts 3,000 plus spectators
  • DVC developed the event management plan to safely control pedestrians and traffic in the build up to the event and during crowd dispersal at the conclusion of the event
  • Two key principals that were central to the achievement of our objectives for this project were:
    • To segregate pedestrians and vehicle traffic as far as possible to minimise the risk of conflict
    • The use of professional traffic controllers on the public road network to control traffic, with volunteers only deployed to check passes internal to the car parks and to assist pedestrians in conned off areas
  • The resultant plan has been successfully deployed in subsequent years when the event has been held at the venue

Mine Site Activity

Port laydown Area development – February 2012

Concept design for Port Hedland laydown area
  • DVC was commissioned to develop the concept layout an circulation system for a major laydown area covering 4 ha within the Port Hedland Port Authority area
  • DVC’s detailed report covered a raft of road design and safety considerations tailored to the mining industry, in addition to providing general standards to cater for safe and efficient vehicle operations within the Port Hedland laydown site
  • DVC’s work enabled FMG to progress with the rapid development of its key Solomon Mines project without delay and with the knowledge that it had a sound traffic management plan in place
  • The facility is being used to assemble road train convoys and prepare escorted deliveries for FMG

Mine Site Activity

Rosella Rail Sidings TMP Review – September 2011

Rosella Rail TMP Review
  • DVC played an integral role in the roadworks TMP for the Rosella and Bellbird Sidings Earthworks and Drainage project in accordance with the Hope Downs 4 Rail Traffic Management Procedure
  • The TMP included multi-stage traffic management procedures to cater for the extensive onsite roadwork developments
  • Appropriate measures were taken to ensure all necessary Rio Tinto, Pilbara Iron Rail Access Road and subcontractor requirements were taken into consideration

Mine Site Activity

PNG LNG Hides Site Haul Road Risk Management Plan – July 2011

Hides Site Main Haul Road in operation
  • The PNG LNG project is one of the largest LNG developments in the world and of central importance to both the domestic economy of Papua New Guinea as well as the international energy customers in the Asian region
  • The Hides site is a key component in the development of the PNG LNG project as it will connect the main HGCP site to ExxonMobil’s central LNG processing plant
  • In conjunction with a number of other parties including representatives of ExxonMobil and QTM, DVC attended a site visit of the existing Haul road arrangements and undertook a risk management assessment, recommending a services of improvements including a training program for traffic controllers, major safety improvements for local pedestrians were also urgently implemented

Road Safety Audits & Crash Investigation

Miscellaneous Projects

DVC has lead over 150 formal Rd safety audits in WA.

Major audits have included 10kms of the Mitchell Fwy, pre-opening audits of new highways, multiple design stage and pre-opening audits for the bus bridge in North Perth, Principal Shared Path provisions and a wide variety of existing road environments.

We have audited all stages of designs and a wide range of existing sites from individual intersections to many kilometres of roads both rural and urban.

Traffic Signal Design & Concept Development

Traffic Signal Design for Scarborough Beach Rd, Loftus St and London St – January 2012

Blackspot issues at Scarborough Beach Rd, Loftus St and London St Intersection
  • DVC has been appointed to prepare pedestrian friendly upgrade of this intersection that has attracted black spot funding for this purpose
  • High incidence of right turn crashes will be advised by modifying the signal phasing
  • Modification of the intersection geometry will also be undertaken to improve pedestrian amenity whilst preserving its operational performance

Traffic Signal Design & Concept Development

Traffic Signal Design of Hepburn Ave and Marshall Rd – September 2010 (opened 2012)

Pre-opening Audit Photo prior to Signal Aspects being fitted
  • DVC was commissioned to undertake the design of traffic signals for this intersection prior to Hepburn Ave being extended to Marshall Rd. SIDRA analysis was undertaken to optimize signal configuration. Initially operating as a three leg intersection, it will later modified to provide a four leg configuration
  • DVC reviewed the operational assessment and modified it to include two right turning lanes from Hepburn Ave onto Marshall Rd in the interim stage
  • Careful attention was paid to cabling and pit requirements for the ultimate design to minimise future works

Traffic Surveys & Analysis

Mounts Bay Rd Digital Video Survey – September 2012

Camera coverage of Mounts Bay Rd Digital Video Survey
  • DVC was commissioned to conduct a 15 hour digital survey of the roundabout at the intersection of Mounts Bay Rd, Riverside Drive and Kwinana Fwy South on ramp
  • DVC was able to deploy its specialized mobile digital survey vehicle to capture the entire area of interest using dual video cameras mounted on 10m telescopic poles
  • DVC provided, turning data analysis, queue length analysis, event logs, a highlight video package and a short report for the client

Traffic Surveys & Analysis

Mundaring Digital Video Survey, intersection of Great Eastern Hwy and Stoneville Rd – January 2012

DVC Hilux Conducting Mundaring Digital Video Survey
  • DVC recorded 24-hours of continuous activity at the intersection of Great Eastern Hwy and Stoneville Rd using two mast-mounted cameras to provide the best possible views of the intersection
  • In addition to the video surveillance materials, DVC provided detailed analysis of all vehicle and pedestrian movements during the survey period and an event log of irregular and/or illegal traffic events

Local Government Assistance

Miscellaneous Projects

DVC has worked extensively with several local governments to assist in a range of traffic and transport related issues and assignments. DVC has seconded staff to cover for staff shortages as well as undertake specific projects.

A common form of engagement is through panel contracts that enable us to be readily deployed for a wide range of projects.

Over the years DVC has provided traffic engineering services to metropolitan councils including the City of Perth, City of Fremantle, City of Gosnells, City of Stirling and Town of Victoria Park through panel contracts.

We have frequently been re-engaged by many more local authorities for projects as diverse as road safety audits to policy development.